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How to Troubleshoot your WordPrees plugins

Sometimes, after having installed a new plugin, a WordPress version update or updating your themes and plugins with their current versions things do work as expected anymore.

One of the first actions to troubleshoot your WordPress site is to narrow down the source of the problem. It may be a plugin? Or is it your theme?

Plugin debugging flowchart

The below flowchart is a good starting point:

Wordpress plugins troubleshooting diagram

Credit to Scribu.net for creating this awesome flowchart

You can easily activate and deactivate the plugins that are installed on your WordPress site:

Wordpress active pluginsOn the dashboard, click on

Plugins / All Plugins

The activated plugins have a blue line on the left border

Activate / Deactivate a plugin by just clicking on the link below the plugin name. You won’t loose any information by deactivating a plugin. Reactivate it and it’s all back.

The Plugin Editor

You can use the Plugin Editor but you need solid <php> and wordpress technical knowledge and aware that if you modify these files the plugin can break. In this case you can reinstall the plugin.

If you modify the plugin files directly, please remember that all changes will be lost when updating or reinstalling the plugin. So, be careful.

wordpress install directory pluginsIn some rare cases nothing’s working anymore after a plugin update, sometimes you’d be even unable to log into your WordPress site. The only way here is to access the directory structure of your wordpress install, either through a filemanager on the cpanel provided by your hosting company or through a ftp client (like Filezilla or others).

Navigate to public_html / wp-content / plugins

and delete the folder of the plugin that causes the trouble.

Reinstall the plugin as usual.

Please refer also our article:

How to Fix: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.

During out WordPress advanced courses we dig deeper into plugin troubleshooting and plugin editing.


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